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The Importance of Fundraising

Learning Gate Community School operates as a nonprofit 501(c)3 Charter School. Our school is funded by the state of Florida on a per student basis. But that funding isn’t enough. In fact, state funding is $425 less per student than what it costs to educate our children the Learning Gate way. That is why we depend greatly on outside funding to support the unique educational experiences our students enjoy at Learning Gate everyday.

Sponsorship on our smart phone app.

LGCS is the first Hillsborough County School to have their own interactive mobile app. Parents use this app daily for attendance, Edsby, calendar, phone, events and more! We currently have almost 2000 users!

We are looking for area businesses interested in sponsoring this innovative technology. Only $200 for a click thru to their website and logo.

Our graphic design department will contact you regarding verbiage, links and photos for your customized sponsorship tab.

Examples of how you can support LGCS:

Donate Now!
Sponsorship on our school smart phone App

Banner sponsorship Auction Night 2018
Business Partnerships – Contact
Ecofest Vendors and Sponsors
Parents and Business Sponsors Annual Giving