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The Learning Gate Foundation operates to obtain gifts, donations, gifts-in-kind and the service of community members to accomplish its objectives which include:

  • to provide financial assistance to student and staff organizations for School related functions;
  • to obtain gifts of equipment and supplies for use in academic programs;
  • to build and implement endowment funds in support of student needs and School programs;
  • to support institutional advancement activities of the School;
  • to provide donor recognition programs;
  • to enlist the support of the community for the School;
  • to create and encourage an opportunity for private individuals and organizations to support the School;
  • to invest in the support of School programs and services with the assurance that the benefits of these gifts and donations supplement State appropriations to the School;
  • to provide a corporate structure for managing private gifts and donations, including endowments and income-producing properties that do not jeopardize the School’s tax-exempt status or create unrelated business tax obligations for the School;
  • to provide added assurance to donors that their contributions shall be distributed and utilized for the specified purpose; and to provide a medium for alumni and community leaders to participate in and contribute to the strengthening of the School though their participation in the solicitation, management, and distribution of private gifts and donations.