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Annual Giving

Learning Gate is so grateful for the support we receive from our families each year in our Annual Giving Campaign. We are looking for 100% participation from our families to reach our goal of $100, 000. Last year we reached an amazing 99%!  You can choose to donate the full amount all at once, or in 10 monthly payments. Help us grow our community support by creating your own Help the Heron Page to share with friends and family. Click here to create your page Help the Heron  If you have any questions or need matching donation help, please contact Michele Northrup at Learning Gate: 813-948-4190.

Annual Giving Campaign Progress ($100,000 Goal)

Total $ raised: $42,815.00
Total number of donors: 194
Total number of donations: 207

Annual Giving Campaign 5%

Environmentalist – Golden Egg

Engraved Gold Leaf on the Giving Tree
Gold Egg mention on the LG website
Commemorative LG photo


EcoCrusader – Silver Egg

Engraved Silver Leaf on the Giving Tree
Silver Egg mention on the LG website
Commemorative LG photo


Tree Hugger – Green Egg


Bird Bander – Blue Egg


Green Thumb – Yellow Egg


Custom Donation – White Egg

A Letter from the Board

Dear Learning Gate Families,

As the Learning Gate Education Foundation’s Board of Directors we are honored to serve the school and inspired by the parents, students and staff who make our school so unique in our community.

Did you know that 99% of our families donated to our Help the Heron Annual Giving Campaign last year? Last year’s donations enabled us to improve our technology by providing additional laptops, projectors and document cameras for our students and staff. The $150,000 donation will enable our students to have a more exciting and educational experience!

We write to announce the kick-off of this year’s Help the Heron Annual Giving Campaign and ask you to give this year, as we shoot for 100% participation in 2018-2019. Every family matters.

Learning Gate Community School operates as a nonprofit 501(c)3 Charter School. Our school is funded by the state of Florida on a per student basis. But that funding isn’t enough. In fact, state funding is over $400 less per student than what it costs to educate our children the Learning Gate way. That is why we ask each family to make a voluntary contribution – to support the unique educational experiences our children enjoy at Learning Gate throughout the year.

Please consider a contribution of at least $250 for your family. If you do what you can, we will reach this year’s annual giving campaign goal of $100,000. We would love to be able to provide the school with the latest technology and resources for the next school year.

Our families are in a wide range of financial situations and we know that each donation will be from the heart. 100% participation is critical, so please participate by giving an amount that is appropriate for you.

Help the Heron Campaign gifts can be made in a variety of ways, Including monthly online payments. Learn more and make your gift online at

We are thrilled to announce our new crowd funding option to help family’s reach their goal. This new online link will accept payments and allow each family to reach out to friends and family to help support their child’s education.

Help the Heron is an all House challenge from now until October 4th. Check to see what House your child is in. If you have multiple children, your donation will be divided equally and applied to each student’s House.

Everyone knows how special the educational experience is at our school, and that is why your gift today is so important.


Board of Directors

Learning Gate Education Foundation

PS – Thank you for doing what you can! Be sure to check with

your employer regarding their donation matching programs.

Many offer a 2:1 or 1:1 donation matching.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Help the Heron Fund consists of contributions given each academic year by parents, alumni, grandparents, staff, and other friends to help the school provide students with a superior education. The Help the Heron Fund helps meet the needs in Learning Gate’s yearly operating budget, sustaining and improving all areas of the school. Some of the largest items supported by the fund are curriculum development and support, new technology, and other improvements of grounds and facilities.

Please consider a contribution of at least $250 for your family reaching 100% participation is critical. We know each donation will be from the heart, so please give what you can.  This year we have added a new feature for our families to reach out to their community custom Help the Heron Pages. Help the Heron

Help the Heron Club Levels of giving are as follows: 

$3,000  Environmentalist – Gold egg and Engraved Gold Leaf on the Giving Tree

$1000 EcoCrusader – Silver egg  and Engraved Silver Leaf on the Giving Tree

$500 Tree Hugger – Green Egg

$250 Bird Bander – Blue egg                            

$100 Green Thumb – Yellow egg     

Custom amount – White egg          

You can pledge your gift now or indicate a payment schedule that is most convenient for you. All pledges should be paid in full by the end of the LGCS school year. Gifts may be paid by cash, check or credit card and are tax deductible. Please make checks to the Learning Gate Education Foundation. 

Our goal is 100% participation from our families resulting in $100,000. 



Please check with your employer for their matching donation policy.