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Becoming a Partner

Learning Gate Community School is always open to new beneficial partnerships within our community. Our families definitely support our partners and sponsors!

Learning Gate will be hosting our Annual Garden Party- Friday, November 16th 11-1 at our Hanna Campus. We are currently looking for community partners for this event. Please contact Michele Northrup for ways to be involved. 813-948-4190.

For additional ways to partner with Learning Gate please contact- or call (813) 948-4190.

School Partners

USF Health has partnered with LGCS to produce the official Earth Day for Tampa Bay with EcoFest. They provided health screenings, nutrition demonstrations and supplied the USF Bull Runner shuttle system to stream line our event.

“Lowe’s is committed to improving the schools that are guiding tomorrow’s employees, homeowners and community leaders,” said Larry D. Stone, chairman of Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation.

“Learning Gate Community School’s commitment to sustainability in an educational setting is also preparing its students to be good environmental stewards, and we’re proud to support that initiative.”

Nvirotect Pest Control cares about you, your family and the environment. We also care about offering effective Green Pest Control Services to protect your home and workplace from unwanted visitors who may not only be a nuisance, but who can also pose dangerous threats to your health and safety. People often ask us if it is possible to offer environmentally friendly pest control that really works? We refer the question to our thousands of residential and commercial customers throughout Southwest Florida and the answer we get time and time again is YES.

Tampa Bay, Florida’s largest open-water estuary, stretches 398 square miles at high tide. Popular for sport and recreation, the bay also supports one of the world’s most productive natural systems. Estuaries like Tampa Bay, where salt water from the sea and fresh water from rivers and uplands mix, are nurseries for young fish, shrimp, and crabs. More than 70 percent of all fish, shellfish, and crustaceans spend some critical stage of their development in these nearshore waters, protected from larger predators that swim the open sea.

Our motto — Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet — emphasizes that our vision reaches beyond food retailing. In fact, our deepest purpose as an organization is helping support the health, well-being, and healing of both people — customers, Team Members, and business organizations in general — and the planet.

Brand Buddha is your brand building partner. We are thinkers, dreamers, constructors and builders. We connect what we imagine with the real world of ROI and quarterly numbers and we have the creative means to get it done on time and on budget. Brand Buddha brings a practical, grounded, yet enlightened approach to everything we do. We demonstrate it through a can-do attitude, professional accountability and a Zen-like collaborative approach to finding the right strategy that will lead to success – for you and your organization. We value hard work and the human spirit. We believe steadfastly that if a path to your marketing mountaintop doesn’t currently exist, we’ll create one.

Tampa Bay Watch’s Bay Grasses in Classes (BGIC) is a program that seeks to facilitate youth involvement in habitat restoration efforts. At our wetland nursery, students plant, maintain, and harvest salt marsh (Spartina alterniflora) grasses to be replanted into targeted coastal areas. These salt marsh plants will act as filtering agents for storm water runoff, stabilize shorelines, and buffer uplands from storms, while offering foraging and sanctuary for many species of fish and wildlife. The BGIC program provides a regular source of native wetland plants for use in habitat restoration projects around Tampa Bay and replenishes marsh habitat. Our on-campus nurseries provide an excellent educational resource for participating students who work side-by-side with local scientists involved in restoration of the bay. This experience give them valuable ecological and agricultural knowledge, while practicing environmental stewardship in its purest form.