Learning Gate Community School is excited to offer camps this summer! Please fill out the form below to make your reservation today. The registration form is for one student. If you have more than one student that you would like to send to camp, you will need to submit the registration form once for each student. Registration closes May 26th.


Options for each week of Camp

Primary Intensive Reading is intended for students entering grades K,1,2. Students will have daily lessons provided by a certified K-6 teacher. Focus will be on sound/letter/word identification and reading fluency.

Math Academic Camp For students entering grades 4th - 6th. Students will have daily lessons provided by a certified teacher. Focus will be on learning multiplying facts, fractions, place value, and understanding word problems.

Thematic Summer Camps are new adventures each week throughout the summer. Details on each new week can be found below.

  • Before Care — 7:00am–9:00am
  • Morning Session — 9:00am–11:00am
  • Lunch and Swimming — 11:00am–1:00pm (Both sessions are invited. For students who provide swimsuits, sunscreen, towels, and signed permission slip.)
  • Afternoon Session — 1:00pm–3:00pm
  • After Care — 3:00pm–6:00pm (Students picked up after 6pm will be charged $1 fee per minute.)

Week 1: June 5 – June 9: Harry Potter and Intensive Reading/Math Academic

Potter fanatics join us at platform 9 3/4 as we turn Learning Gate into the Wizarding World. Students will be sorted into houses and compete in herbology, concocting potions, and of course a Quidditch match!

Week 2: June 12 – June 16: Pokemon and Intensive Reading/Math Academic

Still trying to catch 'em all? Join us for Pokemon week! We will be making crafts (a handmade Pokedex that kids can continue to add to, pokeballs, and even designing our own Pokemon) as well as playing challenging games that test Pokemon knowledge and trainer skills. If students have devices that have the app. they are encouraged to bring them this week as we can do some Pokemon hunting around school.

Week 3: June 19 – June 23: Cooking Club and Intensive Reading/Math Academic

Come develop the skills necessary to become a confident chef in our cooking camp! Cooking classes include a wide range of recipes from wonton soup to homemade ice cream sandwiches.  Junior Chefs will be taught techniques and skills like chopping, measurements, plate presentations and recipe development.  There will be interactive chef challenges to encourage creativity.  Come join us to explore, experiment and sample our culinary delights.

Week 4: June 26 – June 30: Game Show and Intensive Reading/Math Academic

Come be a part of Game Show week! Game shows are so exciting especially when you are the contestant. Come spin the wheel in Wheel of Fortune, or answer questions in Family Feud, or try your luck at beating the clock in a minute on Minute to Win IT! You will have a fun week playing all the games you love.

Week 5: July 10 – July 14: STEM and Intensive Reading/Math Academic

Ready to challenge your mind? Find creative solutions to daily problems? During STEM week we will work together to solve all kinds of problems and work together to build bridges, mazes, and other engineering marvels!

Week 6: July 17 – July 21: Survivor and Intensive Reading/Math Academic

Do you think you have what it takes to survive? Learn some handy life-hacks, survival skills, and tactical tricks. We will as play some survivor games all week long, such as Infection Tag, Survivor, and a Shelter Challenge. Will you survive?

Week 7: July 24 – July 28: Legos/Engineering and Intensive Reading/Math Academic

Calling all brick lovers! Everything will be awesome this week as we design and create Lego builds. Engineers will test their builds for strength and stability. We will finish the week with a Lego Racers derby.

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