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The Council provides Learning Gate Community School students with opportunities to share their time, gifts, and talents in service to Learning Gate Community School, our neighbors in Tampa Bay, and the global community. Students strive for civic virtue. They are elected by their peers to represent the voice of students.  Students promote their unique artistic expression with campaign posters and the conviction of their character when they deliver speeches to the student body. Each year candidates Wow us with their poise as they speak from the heart to the crowd of excited and enthusiastic peers. Each Council member is proud to serve as the leaders of this school. The students volunteer time daily to ensure that their fellow classmates have a voice in the decisions that are made that impact student life directly. We plan all the middle school dances; manage middle school fundraisers, and complete legacy projects on both campuses.

The tenants that illuminate all student-empowered projects are as follows:

  1. Respect all individuals in the school and community.

    • My overall goal is to make the school great this year and to make sure that there is a smooth communication between the students and the student council so that their ideas and needs are top priority. I am also striving to add lots of new clubs, environmental education, and school spirit.


    • Practice Strong Leadership qualities
      • The ability to lead while being inclusive
      • The ability keep the group focused and be open to my classmate’s ideas
  2. Provide special events that promote school spirit.

    • This year, I am planning to expand the garden and mirror what we love and miss from Hanna Campus. I also have ideas for new club additions, and I would like to bring more volunteering opportunities to the school within the community.
  3. Provide activities and support a school environment that promotes high academic standards.

    • My goals for student council are, making sure that while student council remains a well functioning unit, we can use the creativity of all of the student body to find new ways to stay environmentally focused. I also want to give a chance for the school to be naturally decorated by all of our student’s ideas to grow and improve the campuses. Our school is spectacular already, but I feel it can still be enhanced EVEN MORE by the power of our community.
  4. Work together with fellow Student Council members; fellow students; faculty; staff and administration to make Learning Gate Community School the best that it can be while practicing democracy in action.

    • I want to be on student council because I want to help out the school with events and make improvements to the school. I think I can help the school if I am on student council by working with the future student council members.


    • Hello everyone. I’m running for student council because I would like to have the opinions of students heard. I would love for teachers and students to have an even stronger bond and would like to do student and teacher bonding activities.


    • My goal as Student Council President is to make sure that the students feel as if they are ALWAYS being heard and their ideas aren’t just a piece of paper in a suggestion box, but rather a plan for what comes next in making our school and more fun, beautiful, functioning community. I also hope to get the student body excited and involved in projects our school creates, and get their help in creating new clubs and fundraisers that really make them excited for the future of the school. I have many ideas already on what kinds of things can make our school year great and hope to get my peers support in doing them!