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As the school year winds down the energy level in 5th grade skyrockets as the students eagerly await induction into one of our five houses. They will build close bonds with their teachers and housemates over the next 3 years as they do weekly team building activities and challenges that include lip sync battles, fitness competitions, and riddles. This experience drives personal responsibility, leadership, collaboration, conflict resolution and self-awareness. Our house spirit system creates a family atmosphere where all students are comfortable to step outside their comfort zones and really apply themselves in unique and challenging situations.

Each house has its own distinctive feel, character, chants, cheers and service learning goals. These qualities reflect the environmental steward that each house is named for.

House Hominall

Name: Hominid + Jane Goodall
Mascot: Howler Monkey
Colors: Purple and Yellow
Mission: Drawing inspiration from Jane Goodall, House Hominall’s mission is to promote environmental awareness and advocacy so that Learning Gate creates a more understanding and passionate community.
Service Learning Affiliation: The Howlers’ service learning project embodies the Roots and Shoots focus of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. They are responsible for daily collection of recycling and organizing our community e-cycling drive.
6th – Ms. Kara B
7th – Mr. Mellum
8th – Ms. Hughs


Our house is super close and connected, we are one big family.
Larissa (Class of 2022)

House Sequerra

Name: Sequoia + Sierra Club
Mascot: The Hackers
Colors: Garnet and Gold
Mission: The House of Sequerra draws their power from the forest. Just like the members of the Sierra Club strive to explore, enjoy, and protect our planet their mission is to protect our trees, new and old, so that they can continue to purify our air, water, and minds.
Service Learning Affiliation: Hackers also protect our community members through our partnership with Metropolitan Ministries. They are responsible for running our food drives and helping to serve the homeless.
6th – Mrs. Bridget
7th – Mrs. Sutton
8th – Mr. Reese


I love being a Hacker. I’ll admit I was disappointed at first because a lot of my friends are in Aveon, but I have become really close with my housemates and have a whole new group of friends that I would have never known if not for my house.
Howard (Class of 2023)

House Aveon

Name: Aves + Audubon
Mascot: Raptor (Owl)
Colors: Argentinian Blue and Chocolate Brown
Mission: House Aveon sees the world from the clouds and knows that the sky is not the limit. Raptors pay homage to John James Audubon by educating the Learning Gate Community Community about the interconnectedness of the environment and importance of protecting all things, big and small, which make up the web of life.
Service Learning Affiliation: Raptors fulfill their obligation to protect and educate by maintaining the garden at Metropolitan Ministries and educating the needy on urban gardening techniques. Raptors also are responsible for
6th – Mrs. Melanie
7th – Mrs. Meredith
8th – Mr. Tone


Raptors are the best! Raptors are normally solitary creatures, but our house gives us the opportunity to come together as a team to achieve our goal….Victory!
Mrs. Meredith (7th grade teacher)

House Leopold

Name: Aldo Leopold
Mascot: Los Lobos (Wolf)
Colors: Green and Black
Mission: The House of Leopold respects the wild and the wonder of nature. We will protect our environment as fiercely as a mother wolf protects her pups.
Service Learning Affiliation: Aldo Leopold realized that only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of the wolf. Members of Los Lobos appreciate the wisdom of our seniors and know the important role that they play in our community. We work closely developing relationships with and learning from the members of the Lutz Senior Center.
6th – Ms. Stephanie
7th – Ms. Armstrong
8th – Mr. Wilson


It’s awesome because you are part of a team. Our group is a democracy because we get to vote on our leaders so that everyone has a place in the pack. It is just a fun experience.
Rachel (class of 2023)

House Cousteau

Name: Jacques Cousteau
Mascot: Octonaut
Colors: Navy Blue and Teal
Mission: The House of Cousteau’s mission is to continue protecting and educating Learning Gate students about the world’s oceans, rivers, and all waters of the world. We strive to understand and spread awareness of the fragility of our water system worldwide.
Service Learning Affiliation: To accomplish our mission we work with Tampa Bay Watch and Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful to orchestrate coastal cleanups and monitor and restore integral sea grasses in our campus sea grass beds.
6th – Mr. Matthews
7th – Mr. Brown
8th – Ms. Kara S


We might not win every challenge, but we are always cheering each other on and are there to support each other…. I love that about being an Octonaut.
Nicole (Class of 2022)