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Learning Gate Community School has a wide range of after school clubs. After school clubs allow students to participate in activities that they aren’t able to do so during normal school hours. After school clubs increase self -confidences, build character and allows students to find interests outside of school that makes them happy and enthusiastic to participate in.

Students who are involved in afterschool activities spend less time in front of the TV. They learn to organize and budget their time and increase critical thinking skills.

Choosing an activity that a child is interested in gives them opportunities to develop skills and find something they are passionate about. Students are able to burn off excess energy and stress. After school clubs provide the environment where friendships can be nurtured, social skills refined and self confidence increased. Studies show that students who participate in afterschool programs reap the benefits in the classroom as well. They are able to show greater attention spans in class and many use skills they learned in afterschool clubs in the classroom. Academic performance can be boosted as they learn discipline, patience and dedication.

Learning Gate Community School offers a vast variety of sports clubs to choose from including basketball, karate, cross country, volleyball, soccer and yoga. Students learn to develop physical skills and improve their physical fitness abilities. These sports programs provide students with not only physical skill building but encourages collaboration and team work. Students learn social skills by working with team mates, compete against other teams and learn good sportsmanship. Opportunities are presented where students learn to be apart of a team, encouraging and supporting their fellow teammates. They learn how to become gracious winners and good losers. Sportsmanship skills can then carry over into the classroom and into real-life situations.

Performing arts classes such as dance, drama and glee are offered afterschool at Learning Gate as well. Students can explore their talents and express themselves by performing for others. Students are given opportunities to showcase their abilities in venues like Eco-Fest, the Winter Bazaar and school performances. The integration of arts programs such as dance, drama and glee help students find ways to creatively release energy through creative expression. They can show their individuality with self -expression, self-discipline, persistence and presentation that is developed through the arts. The fun and engaging atmosphere of these clubs allows students to be unique, original, creative and ultimately valued for their talents.

Other after school clubs include: cooking, where students learn everything from food prep and manners to gourmet dining, Young Authors, board games and Lego Club. Learning Gate presents a wide variety of options for the students so each can find something that makes them happy. See more information to sign up in the LG Families section under After School Clubs or click here After School Clubs