ART With Ms. Howard (6th Graders ONLY)

Hello everyone and welcome back! I will again be offering an Art Class as an after school activity.

The information is as follows:

WHO: Open to 6th grade students only ( total of 24 spaces )

WHAT: Fundamentals of Art – (Elements and Principles of Design)

WHEN: Thursday, after school, 3:45 – 4:45

Beginning Thursday, Aug. 25th – Ending Thurs. May 18th

WHERE: Ms. Howard’s Art Room, contact –

From August 25th thru Jan. 19th, students will learn the Elements of Art.

From January 26th thru May 18th, students will learn the Principles of Art.

Projects for this class will include designing a portfolio, sketchbook work and becoming familiar with

different types of art media including working with pencil, paint, watercolor, charcoal and clay.

The cost of this class will be $50.00 a month and all material are included.

Students who participate the whole year will receive a Certificate of Completion that will become a part

of their portfolio showcasing their work. Might come in handy for future endeavors!

I am so excited to be able to offer this class and I can’t wait to get started – See you in the ART ROOM!


Student Name________________________________________________________________________

Parent Name ________________________________Emergency Phone No._______________________

Parent email address______________________________________________Payment: $50.00 monthly. Cash or check made out to Mary Howard. (Payment includes all supplies. Club is designed for 24 students. Enrollment is for all year and will be on a first come, first served basis, so act quickly!he letter – I hope it makes it to you! Mary

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