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What is a Biome?

Biomes are a way we divide the Earth’s surface. These divisions are based on climate patterns, soil types, animals and plants that inhabit an area. There are five basic types of biomes: water, forest, desert, tundra and grassland.

What is a Biome Celebration?

Twice a year, Learning Gate Community School hosts a Biome Celebration for families to enjoy. This day truly demonstrates the spirit of our motto, “Nature is Our Best Teacher”. This celebration of learning provides students the opportunity to share the knowledge they have gained. Student created art work, research and projects are available for families to learn from. Students perform songs, act in plays and hold demonstrations so they can share their environmental knowledge to all who attend. Students are able to show their creativity and imagination while sharing educational content.

Examples of Biome Projects?

During a visit on Forest Biome Day, families may view 5th grade, student created, iMovies demonstrating their understanding of the book, “A Land Remembered”. After an in-depth study of owls, fourth grade students may show off their owl sculptures or the original interactive game they designed. During our Ocean Biome, a visitor may visit a classroom to see how students use recycled materials to create a variety of underwater sea creatures or learn how to recognize and sort a variety of different shells. Creativity and ingenuity can be seen throughout.

On biome day, students participate in the highest form of education, they become the teachers of others.