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The Learning Gate Community School counseling department embraces positive social/emotional learning and strives for healthy mental development for all our staff and students. Our counseling philosophy maintains that all students are entitled to comprehensive school counseling program that embraces student individuality.

Our School Counselors work in partnerships with educators, parents/guardians, and community leaders to support our students. These partnerships ensure that all LG students have the opportunities they require to be responsible, lifelong learners that reach their highest potential.

There are a number of responsibilities the school counselors have to the students at Learning Gate. For example, they guide our students in their transition to high school by hosting an evening where students and parents have the opportunity to talk with public, charter and private high schools in the area. This allows students and parents to make the difficult choice on placement for high school. Once a HS is chosen, the counselors work in small groups with the students to create academic schedules for their freshman year. Some additional examples of services our counseling office offers are: Social Skills Development classes, Character Education classes, Grief Counseling, bullying information and interventions, Conflict Resolution, anger management, Coping skills.

We are committed to student excellence and unlocking student’s full potential to ensure student readiness in a global society.

Exceptional Student Services

Learning Gate Community School’s Exceptional Student Education program addresses the unique needs of students enrolled in kindergarten through 8th grade. Students who meet criteria for our Exceptional Student Education program are served in the general education setting 80% to 100% of the time. Support is provided through collaboration between the ESE Teacher(s) and General Education Teacher(s). Through this model, we are committed to giving exceptional students the means of achieving their annual goals as specified on each student’s Individual Education Plan while educating them in the least restrictive environment. Our services are designed to assist students in reaching their educational goals through the use of instructional approaches that are research-based and exemplify best practices. Learning Gate’s ESE staff are certified, highly trained educators who provide specialized instruction for students with disabilities as well as those who have been identified as gifted learners.