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Learning Gate Community School promotes the education of the whole child. It addresses the four essential needs of every child; the academic, emotional, social and physical needs. Students understand that they are learning in a physically and emotionally safe environment. They become active and engaged learners and discover the ways that best fit their needs. Learning is child centered where each child is challenged and in charge of their educational choices. Students learn to build relationships and work together with others to reach a common goal. They learn to practice healthy lifestyles by making good food choices, exercising and taking care of themselves as part of the whole child, holistic approach to learning.

Whole child education stimulates all parts of the brain with learning experiences that rely on the left part of the brain which is responsible for math, science and logical thinking. The right brain being responsible for creative thinking and the arts. STEM and STEAM activities help make connections between the two parts of the brain and together provide a perfect union.

Students are provided with experiences that require them to use all parts of the brain to ask questions, search for answers and solve problems. The ultimate goal is to prepare students to be good communicators both orally and written. Whole brain education provides students with the tools they need to be prepared to be successful in school, careers and in their lives. They learn to make connections to what they learn and the world around them and are able to make solid decisions with those connections.

Character Education is a major part of whole child education at Learning Gate. The LG 53 is set of goals designed to provide students with guidelines for social responsibilities. For example, students learn and then apply the skills of social greetings. They learn the proper way to give a handshake, look someone in the eye and greet them, they learn and practice being and upstander not a bystander, and how to be a good team member. Students at Learning Gate learn to work as a school community and provide assistance to others out.

The entire school community is part of helping a child to develop at LG. Students are provided with positive encouragement as they navigate their way through their school years and they are able to learn from their mistakes in a safe and caring environment. We work to help students become life-long learners both in the classroom, in post-secondary learning, in their careers and beyond.


Curriculum at Learning Gate Community School is chosen for its rigor and aligned components to the Common Core Standards. Students are presented with lessons and learning experiences that increase skill mastery. Cross-curricular experiences involving all content areas allow students to make real life connections. Students then understand why they are learning a skill or concept and can apply those skills/strategies to other areas in their lives.

The unique learning environment at Learning Gate allows students the freedom to actively participate and be in charge of their learning. They are provided with opportunities to explore concepts, discover new ways of showing what they have learned and then using that knowledge to solve problems, become active thinkers and create representatives of what they know.

Lessons are paced and differentiated instruction with various strategies allow the needs of all students to be met. Students who need remediation are provided with supplemental activities and classroom supports. Students who are ready for enrichment are provided with engaging lessons that stimulate higher levels of thinking.

Technology is interwoven into the curriculum helping prepare students for the 21st century and beyond! Teachers integrate technology using videos, demonstrations and songs that reinforce learning outcomes. Students are provided with student centered learning activities that foster analytical thinking and promote students with the intrinsic desire to continue to learn.
The curriculum allows student to connect ideas, use various resources, participate in learning centers and do so in a project-based learning environment.

Learning Gate is unique in its ability to integrate its rigorous curriculum content and delivery of information with our focus on the environment. The ability to use the natural world and hands on activities makes the learning more exciting and memorable for the students. While traditional learning takes place between four walls, Learning Gate students have the distinctive ability to learn in a 27 acre classroom which includes an organic garden, wooded trails and log cabin.

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