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At what time can I drop off my child in the morning?

Students can be dropped off at each campus starting at 7:00 am on school days

Is there a cutoff time for picking my child up early?

Due to the staggered dismissal at the Hanna Campus, students cannot be signed out after 2:15 pm.

Can I drop off my child’s forgotten book bag, materials, project or homework after school begins?

Learning Gate has a no rescue policy in order to help teach our students to be independent and responsible. Water bottles and lunches will be the only things accepted by the front office of both campuses once school has begun.

When do I have to check in?

All campus visitors must check in to be on campus. Visitors without a badge will be politely escorted to the front office to obtain one. Please make sure to always have your driver’s license with you when coming on campus.

Can I volunteer on campus without prior arrangement?

Yes, LG welcomes lunch room help!

Does the driveway at the Hanna Campus go in both directions?

The Hanna Campus is a one-way road. You must circle behind the Log Cabin to exit.

Can I park and wait in either lane if I am picking someone up at the first dismissal at Hanna?

The left lane must remain clear of traffic until 2:20 when cars may start to line up for dismissal.

What grade do you have to be in to play in the sports program?

The sports program is specifically for Middle School, grades 6,7, and 8.

How long is the Middle School Sports physical good for?

The Middle School sports physical is good for one school year.

Do we follow the same calendar as Hillsborough County School District?

Learning Gate has its own calendar.

If I have two children who get out at different times, do I go through the pick-up line twice?

On the Hanna Campus students with siblings are sent out to dismissal when the oldest student has been dismissed.

Do students at Learning Gate have recess?

Students at LG have always and will always have a time dedicated to Recess each day. They are also provided other opportunities each day to spend time in the outdoors.

Can I just buy uniforms at Walmart or other retail store?

Learning Gate has a mandatory school uniform policy. Uniforms may only be purchased at Risse Brothers Uniforms or Heron Outfitters.

Does LG have a school nurse?

Learning Gate has a Registered Nurse