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Learning Gate Community School is preparing its students for the demands of the 21st Century. Along with content mastery, Learning Gate promotes critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity to all students with environmental literacy at its core.

Students at Learning Gate are provided multiple opportunities to understand and demonstrate a deep understanding of content.  They participate in numerous inquiry-based investigations that highlight critical thinking skills.  Students learn to solve problems in conventional and non-conventional ways and ask significant questions leading to better understanding and solutions.

Communication and collaboration are also integral parts of the education program at Learning Gate. Students learn and practice skills in the areas of oral, written, and technological literacy. They learn to articulate thoughts and ideas effectively. While working collaboratively on projects, investigations, and real world simulations, students learn the valuable skills necessary to work together for a common goal.

Creativity and Innovations are embedded into every class at Learning Gate.  While teachers are given the freedom to teach authentically and beyond the four walls of a classroom, students are also encouraged to show what they know in the style that works best for them.  This is best seen at the Learning Gate biome celebration where students in all grades share their content knowledge in the form of reports, posters, plays, sculptures, games, songs, videos or demonstrations on educational topics learned in class.

National Non-Profit Partnership for 21st Century Skills